TechDigital Staffing Services

With the economy growing, Hiring Managers and IT executives will agree that the Technology units of Companies are only getting larger. Today, we have a variety of sources from where information on IT professionals can be accessed. However, hiring managers will also agree that it can be a daunting task to sort through all these sources and hire the right candidate. It could disrupt the work day, and delay other assignments, this being especially true when the number of positions to fill is plenty. TechDigital IT Staffing Services can help you with your permanent / contract placement assignments, through its years of experience in placing IT candidates.


Understanding your Business and Needs

Whether you are an existing partner of TechDigital, or a new Client, the TechDigital team will ensure that we make an effort to understand your requirements, including

  • Company Values, Mission and Vision
  • Business Standards and goals
  • Company Culture
  • Products/Services

TechDigital team goes to great lengths to understand you, just so we are able to find the candidate that best fit these requirements and are seamlessly able to integrate with your Company.

Sourcing and Sorting

TechDigital executives are highly experienced and trained to source the right candidate for the job. TechDigital’s recruitment specialist or team of specialists will proactively network to source suitable candidates to fill the position. We will also source candidates from their vast database of IT professionals.

Short listing

TechDigital gathers and sorts the various available candidates, conduct a thorough pre screening exercise, and a preliminary interview to shortlist the best candidates. Qualified and trained specialists conduct these pre screening and interview processes.


The shortlisted candidates are then scheduled for a final interview with the Client, and all final hiring decisions are made by the client. Interviews are scheduled by TechDigital’s team, based on the Client’s convenience.

Advantage TechDigital

TechDigital’s Permanent / Contract Placement Program offers you;

  • TechDigital’s highly experienced and trained recruitment specialists
  • Access to its vast database and network of IT professionals
  • Screened and tested candidates to meet your requirements
  • Complete compensation history
  • Complete referral check and background check
  • Information on any offers the candidate may be considering