LiveSite Publisher Developer [366117]


Job Description: LiveSite Publisher Developer

Location: Portland, OR

Duration: 8 months

Looking for a strong teamsite archtect with LiveSite and SitePublisher experience.
10+ years experience – Responsible for architecture, implementation, and support of Internet and Intranet services and frameworks. Possesses strong communication and documentation skills and Internet knowledge sufficient to Evaluate, architect, implement, and support Intranet and Internet services, employees access to Internet resources, and Internet delivery of bank products and services. Architect, administer, and support banks Internet Security Infrastructure.

Perform hardware and software installation and configuration for supported systems. Perform system capacity planning with regularly scheduled detailed reporting. Conduct performance monitoring and provide appropriate system tuning to guarantee responsive system performance.

Develop and implement server Disaster Recovery plans in accordance with banks Business Impact Analysis. Document configuration and maintenance procedures for Internet and Intranet systems. Knowledgeable of the following technologies:
5+ Year developing web applications
3+ Years LiveSite / Site Publisher Experience
5+ Years teamsite Datacapture templates, XSL presentation templates, and FormAPI
2+ Years Workflow Modeler Experience
5+ Years Java, CSSDK, SQL
2+ Years web front-end HTML5, CSS2.0, Jquery, Mobile responsive design experience.
2+ Year Opendeploy experience.
Nice to have:
Should have experience in setting up teamsite environments
Should have excellent communication skills, and should have the ability to clearly articulate issues and provide a long term resolution.

If you are interested in this job, Apply to this job by uploading your resume or call us: 952-955-6317

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