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This is System Administrator role, yes, but heavy on Database administration/updating of database records. The records are ATM support profiles used to monitor ATMs. It is desired to have server admin-type skill sets, with existing Gasper system experience as well.

Highly Desired:  Gasper Automated Teller Machine (ATM) system administration experience

Full Job Description:
The Gasper Administrator is responsible for all maintenance performed within Gasper, and will complete the creation of new set ups, updates, and deletes requested by our clients via Client Support Representatives, Conversion Representatives and Project Managers. This role is the key to several downstream dependencies; if the data is not entered correctly there is impact to what data the Help Desks use for escalation, the vendors selected to service the terminals are not contacted correctly, and the availability of that terminal to customers is impacted.


* Act as a layer of quality assurance & validation to ensure information received is complete and accurate

* Work with the Business Line to follow up on incomplete forms, inaccurate data, and to ensure all required information is received to complete requests

* Learn/understand the layers of data and how they are entered into Gasper because there is a cause/effect for entries; this is not simply data entry, there must be thought to the execution of updates

* Complete all maintenance within 24 hours of request receipt; there are a few modifications to the 24 hour turnaround based on the type of request and the number of terminals involved
* Track all work in the reporting tool to ensure ability to identify which requests are missing data and require follow up from the Business Line

1-3 years experience – Responsible for architecture, implementation and support of Windows based application and database servers. Skills: Performs all hardware and software installation and configuration for supported systems. Performs system capacity planning and provides regularly scheduled detailed reporting. Conducts performance monitoring and provides appropriate system tuning to guarantee responsive system performance.

Creates backup strategies to meet business data recovery needs and optimize system performance. Develops and implements Server Disaster Recovery plans in accordance with Business Impact Analysis. Documents configuration and maintenance procedures for supported systems. Tests and deploys relevant software at most current and stable releases.

Knowledge of the following technologies: Windows, VMWare System Administration, Shell Scripting (Perl, KSH, SH, AWK, SED, etc.), TCP/IP, SNMP, NFS, NIS, RAID, and EMC.

If you are interested in this job, Apply to this job by uploading your resume or call us: 952-955-6317

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